Research & Development

Encouraging a cross-cutting approach

To design new products that perfectly meet market demand, the Blanchon Group’s marketing teams are at the heart of all innovation projects. In collaboration with the commercial and sales services, the R&D laboratory and the Innovation unit, they coordinate the different stages of a very structured approach.

  • Behind every innovation there is an idea!
    A market study, consumer focus group, feedback from the sales teams, technological progress... There are numerous factors involved in an innovation project. From the original idea to the end product, the journey is long and the selection drastic.
  • The selection of the project
    Technical feasibility, economic viability, added value for the consumer… several criteria make it possible to sort through the ideas and select the most pertinent projects.
  • The specifications
    A demanding and specific list of specifications is established for each project. Validated by the marketing, sales and R&D teams, it serves as a frame of reference throughout the development phase of the product.
  • Prototyping and tests
    The project moves forward and a prototype is developed and checked by the laboratory. It is then tested with consumer groups on the French and international markets. Key tests to give the go-ahead for a full-scale launch!
  • Product launch
    It’s the big day. For each launch, numerous tools are deployed to support the product: packaging, merchandising, sales support tools, tutorials and communications at the point of sale and in the media.

A structured and long-term approach: on average, it takes 3 years to complete an innovation project. A major challenge as the Blanchon Group achieves 30% of its turnover with products less than 3 years old.

Réunion de l'équipe Marketing Syntilor Meeting of the Syntilor Marketing team
Test au laboratoire R&D du Groupe Blanchon Testing at the Blanchon Group's R&D laboratory