5 reasons to join us


A skilled company


In the building and housing world, we are recognised for our expertise, our conscientious approach and the performance of our products. A dynamic and ambitious company, our high standards in the creation of solutions that are reliable, easy to apply and environmentally friendly make us a trusted player and a leading benchmark in our different markets.


Selling outstanding products

My job consists of selling and promoting Syntilor brand products to our customers. Technical quality, ease of application, environmental awareness… Syntilor benefits from a high level of credibility in its market. It is extremely gratifying to market outstanding products that are appreciated and recognised by customers. I am proud to contribute to the development of this brand, and I believe that I am all the more convincing because I am totally convinced myself! 

Pierre - District Manager


United and supportive teams


We believe that listening, mutual assistance and solidarity are strong values within our teams. And that these are sources of commitment, high standards and performance for the company. Do you share our mindset? Would you like to join a human-scale company? There is a place for you alongside the men and women of the Blanchon Group who combine efficiency with conviviality!

Essential teamwork.

Essential teamwork.

As the export manager for the Iberian Peninsula, I am based in Barcelona. Without the help of the different teams in France, it would be impossible for me to do my job. Their support, attentiveness and responsiveness are indispensable to me. The success I have achieved here, with double-digit growth in Spain and Portugal, we have built together. It is genuine teamwork in customer service.”

Carlos - Sales Manager for Spain and Portugal


An entrepreneurial spirit


Firmly focused on the future, the story of the Blanchon Group is first and foremost a human adventure. This entrepreneurial mindset is demonstrated by all of our staff. In all of the positions, we encourage autonomy and freedom of action. Because we know that good ideas can originate anywhere, we are dedicated to creating an environment in which each individual can be free to show initiative and boldness.


The chance to be entrepreneurial.

After 10 years in finance, I wanted to undergo professional retraining to work in an area that would be more meaningful for me. The Blanchon Group gave me my chance! Block release study enabled me to obtain a degree in digital marketing. It was a real springboard. Today, I am a driving force behind proposals and I enjoy a high degree of autonomy in the operations I carry out. The Group has complete confidence in me. Of course, my work has to generate results. It is an exciting daily challenge both for me and for the various teams I work with.

Audrey - Digital Operations Manager


A pleasant working environment


From our new head office near Lyon to our production sites in Savoie, we prioritise a working environment where people feel comfortable. Ergonomic work stations, high-quality equipment, friendly spaces… everything is done to create a fulfilling work environment. Beginning with a collaborative vegetable garden where our head office teams are delighted to cultivate their gardening talents!

An environment that encourages a warm and friendly atmosphere

Our new head office offers very pleasant living conditions. Designed with modern and warm materials like wood, surrounded by greenery, as well as being spacious and bright, it is pleasant to work there and welcoming to visitors. The proximity of the different departments creates a convivial atmosphere. Furthermore, we are lucky to be situated close to Parilly park, which is ideal for a run at lunchtime! In addition, several of us train regularly and have taken part together in sporting events like the Aix-les-Bains 10 km or the Run In Lyon. This was an opportunity to bring together teams from our Savoie sites and head office, to create further bonds between co-workers and to introduce a new dynamic within the company! 

Gwénaëlle – Pay and General Resources Manager


Numerous possibilities for development


Joining us means deciding to become part of a dynamic company with high growth in its markets, both in France and internationally. With us, everything is open and there are real opportunities to develop. Individual support and personalised training are available to help you have a successful career within the company. Do you have ambitious plans? We are at your side to help you achieve them.

I am a Blanchon baby all the way!

I have prospered in the company where, since my arrival in 1999 as a temporary worker, I have risen through the ranks in production. Initially assigned to a packaging job, 3 years later I was made a chemical technician, then production manager in 2006. Today, I manage a team of 8 people in production and maintenance. Curious by nature and always wanting to progress, I feel at home in a Group that encourages boldness and professional mobility.

Estelle - Production and Maintenance Manager