The Blanchon Group Private House - Neuilly sur Seine, France

The Blanchon Group

A quality reference

French manufacturer of technical varnishes and innovative paints, the Blanchon Group offers reliable solutions for the protection, decoration, maintenance and renovation of the home. As part of a long-term evolution, it is unanimously recognised for its thoroughness and quality.

A company on a human scale, the Blanchon Group now has a presence in the industry’s markets, with timber and materials suppliers, paint wholesalers, wood floor fitters and DIY stores. The complementarity of its areas of business enable it to provide its customers, both trade and and the general public, with solutions that are ever more reliable, innovative, responsible and aesthetically pleasing.

Our locations

A French company with strong local roots, the Blanchon Group is now established in all 5 continents.


Local roots, with an international vision

A French enterprise, the Blanchon Group has always been able to resist the siren call of industrial relocation. It presently lays claim to locally based production that meets high quality standards. Firmly established in the French territory, the Blanchon Group is consolidating its growth beyond France’s borders. With almost 7,000 references present in 55 countries on the 5 continents, international development is a strategic challenge for the company, which plans to eventually achieve 50% of its turnover from exports.

A history shaped by wood

From the post-war years to the dawn of the third millennium, a look back at the 10 key dates of an entrepreneurial adventure rich in passion and innovation.

Our ambition

From the outset, the Blanchon Group has been built on a founding principle that can be summarised in 3 words: permanence, performance and environment. These strong values illustrate our profound ambition more clearly than anything else: to continue to build a sound and healthy company, focused on its customers.