Partnerships and certifications

An active and committed group

As part of its ongoing quest for client satisfaction and concern for people and the environment, the Blanchon Group recognises the importance of joining forces with strategic partners and taking part in unified movements around common goals. Dedication to the circular economy, membership of green chemistry networks and the promotion of the industrial field are all good ways to take action. They equally serve as sources of innovation and ways to identify how to work towards a more sustainable, respectful and reliable production.

Labels and certifications legitimise the Group's commitments and affirm its position as a business which values reliability above all else.

Industries and Agro-Resources

Promoter of innovations in the production and development of biological resources.

Chimie du Végétal (ACDV)

Organisation whose mission is to support and promote the development of plant-based chemistry.


A centre of excellence whose mission is to support research into innovative and competitive solutions for the chemical, environmental and energy sectors.

La French Fab

La French Fab is a French movement which aims to unite French industrial companies and promote French industry worldwide.

It connects ambitious companies that are invested in the future and are committed to growth, innovation and international development, while working collectively and remaining open to digital, technological and environmental innovations.

Authorised Economic Operator

The Blanchon Group has been awarded the status of Authorised Economic Operator (AEO-F) by the French Customs Service.

This status is a quality label of security and safety in the customs process which may be awarded to any company which is part of the international supply chain. It distinguishes the most reliable companies, therefore accelerating customs transit procedures and allowing exchanges to happen more smoothly and securely.