Our ambition

" From the outset, the Blanchon Group has been built on a founding principle that can be summarised in 3 words: permanence, performance and environment. These strong values illustrate our profound ambition more clearly than anything else: to continue to build a sound and healthy company, focused on its customers.

Permanence above all because we want to be part of a long-term relationship with our customers, as well as with our co-workers. Far from financial transactions, we believe that the true value of our company resides in the men and women with whom we work day in, day out. They are the principal architects of the success of the Blanchon Group. For them, we must build a strong and reliable future.

One obvious example of how we ensure the Group’s long-term success: offering products with constantly improved performance to consolidate the presence of our brands at international level. Our economic model, which is built on the 3 complementary business areas of the general public, building trade professionals and industry, must continue to be exported worldwide. Established in Europe for many years, the Blanchon Group is now turning its attention towards the Eastern countries and the American continent. In those areas, “French-style luxury” is becoming established as a benchmark. Our châteaux, with their exceptional parquets and panelling, are our best ambassadors!

Finally, the environment, because as well as the Blanchon Group, we also want to be thinking of our planet. Leaving a clean planet. Using environmentally friendly products. Limiting the ecological footprint of our activities as much as possible. Unlike the fashionable “greenwashing”, this “environmental awareness” has always been deeply rooted in our values and actions. Long may this awareness continue to inspire us to build our future success."