Teams committed to maintaining the highest level of service

Our different production sites in France employ almost 150 staff. These are production units with very few layers of management to guarantee the best possible responsiveness. Capable of adapting to customer needs, from samples to 1,000-litre containers, they are dedicated to providing a very high level of quality while controlling the environmental impact. Our production sites have to be highly computerised in order to guarantee the fluidity of the processes and a real-time vision of the company’s activity. Our production tool achieves an automation rate of close to 99%, guaranteeing the performance and traceability of our products.

One of the challenges of our job consists of transcribing a vast quantity of information

sent to us by the different departments of the company in the factory: marketing, purchasing, sales, etc. In addition, the diversity of human relationships is one of the aspects I enjoy most in production. It is a very rich environment, with a wide range of daily duties and a close proximity to the field. We are truly in the real world!

Sandro – Industrial Director