Sales administration

Sales administration

A support position at the heart of our commercial activity

Sales administration is a support function of the commercial activity. Guaranteeing the quality of customer service, from the receipt of orders to invoicing, this job requires good organisation. To satisfy our customers in France and abroad, collaboration between the company’s different departments is essential: sales, accounts and logistics work together on a daily basis to deal with tens of thousands of flows.

The diversity of the duties and commitment to customer service are the main assets of this job. Reliable organisation of your work, care in the processing of information and a positive mindset are necessary to succeed in sales administration.

All of us in this job are dedicated to developing close relationships with our customers:

understanding their expectations, their constraints, listening to them and providing them with solutions. Our goal? Customer satisfaction, which we assess regularly on the basis of the service performance level they send to us. Based on 2 criteria, compliance with the deadlines and quantities requested, this is between 98 and 100%. This is a source of great pride for everyone in our team.

Corinne – Sales Administration Manager