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A history shaped by wood

A history shaped by wood

The story began in Lyon in 1832

André Blanchon opened the doors of a factory specialising in the production of fine stains and colourants for the Lyon silk manufacturers. A century later, after diversifying into leather processing products, in 1945 the company moved into the manufacture of paints and varnishes to meet the needs of a world in the process of reconstruction. From the post-war years to the dawn of the third millennium, a look back at the 10 key dates of an entrepreneurial adventure rich in passion and innovation.

Les raboteurs

Blanchon develops the first French wood floor lacquer

Gamme garquet Syntilor

Creation of the Syntilor brand, aimed at the general public

Lasure Xylodhone

Launch of Xylodone®, the first wood stain without lindane

Gamme Aqua Syntilor

Aquaréthane® obtains the NF Environment label on its release

Labo UV

Creation of the only UV application laboratory in Europe

Usine Belmont

Inauguration of a state-of-the-art factory exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of water-based products

Logistique BELDIS

Inauguration of an ultra-modern logistics centre in Belmont (France)

Gamme nature protect

Creation of Nature Protect, the 1st complete range of biosourced wood finishings

Siege social

Inauguration of the new head office – BBC Building

Produits labelises

More than one hundred of our products have the European Ecolabel