Eco Responsable

An eco-responsible commitment

Being part of a circular economy approach

The Blanchon Group has been committed to an ecologically responsible approach for many years, making sure to limit the environmental footprint of its activities as much as possible:

  • Eco-design: prioritising water-based formulas, renewable raw materials and low VOC (volatile organic compounds) emission products. A key approach to preserving the health and well-being of everyone: consumers, tradespeople and company employees.
  • Eco-production: production in clean and environmentally friendly factories - without discharges into water, air or soil -, guaranteeing a measured carbon balance, eliminating or drastically reducing solvents.
  • Eco-consumption: advice on the correct use of products, recommendations made to users to protect the environment, incentives to renovate rather than throw away.
  • Environmentally friendly waste management: recycling packaging, the selective sorting and reprocessing of waste in a specialised sector.
Being part of a circular economy approach