Professional across the line

The Group’s historical flagship, the Blanchon brand, has undisputed expertise in the protection and decoration of wood. Partner of choice of wood floor fitters, painters and carpenters, it is the Blanchon Group’s professional brand.

Standing at their side to offer support, advice and training on its products, it is preferred by the building trade due to its technical and aesthetic performance. It is regularly associated with major sites.

The protection of interior and exterior wood

Wood is a living and complex material. Giving it long-term protection imposes certain constraints and requires real technical expertise. As a wood specialist, the Blanchon brand offers solutions adapted to meet all professional needs: high-protection wood stains, wood floor lacquers, oils, varnishes, paints and saturators.

An environmental commitment

In accordance with the Group’s ethical principles, the Blanchon brand combines technical expertise with environmental commitment.  Since 2004, the Blanchon Group has anticipated and developed the Ligne Qualité Environnement® * (Environment Quality Line) for the building trade to meet the challenges of HQE sites. Discharge-free manufacture, VOC levels (Volatile Organic Compounds) reduced to the absolute minimum, quick drying and odourless… it is in line with Blanchon Group’s dedicated environmental approach.

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* Products holding an exclusive FDES (Fiche de Déclaration Environnementale et Sanitaire - Environmental Data Sheet)

VIP room - Blanchon Original Wood™ Environment VIP room - Blanchon Original Wood™ Environment
Private house - Blanchon Environment Wood Stain Private house - Blanchon Environment Wood Stain