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Blanchon Industry

The High Technology UV Industry

To support manufacturers of floor coatings around the world, the Blanchon Group has designed and manufactured finishings for all wood and plastic floorings for more than 30 years.

A cutting-edge technology

A leader in its market, Blanchon Industry develops decorative finishings in its research centre focusing on performance, formulated without solvents and which are environmentally friendly. These varnishes use cutting-edge technologies that are radically different to those used for on-site varnishes: they cure instantly with the use of UV lamps.

Tailored solutions for manufacturers

The Blanchon Industry application laboratory has a full range of machinery for industrial applications enabling it to reproduce finishing lines in real-life conditions or to model a project. On the basis of a list of specifications developed in consultation with the customer, Blanchon Industry develops tailored solutions combining technical performance and economic requirements.

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